AquaCal is the leading Manufacturer of heat Pumps in the industry offering wide ranges of swimming pool Heat Pumps for a relaxed and comfortable bath in your pool. AquaCal makes use of the best-in-class mechanisms and ultra-modern technology to deliver top-quality heat pumps and provides a long term yet cost-effective solution for the swimming pools and spas.

AquaCal designs Heat Pumps that consume Low Energy yet provides high-performance and exceptional efficiency for both heating & cooling feature. Another best thing about AquaCal’s Heat Pump is its smart technology, automatic speed adjustment desired to the pool temperature (in the runtime allotted), and capability of adjusting to heat demand.

One of the most advanced technologies with Aquacal is its feature of controlling heat pumps through smartphones. On the other hand, one-fourth of water-heating energy consumption can be reduced by fixing Aquacals’ heat pump in an existing pool. Regardless of the weather condition, Aquacal heat pump installed swimming pool gives the best bathing experience.

Global Interscope is a well-known brand in the industry for its high quality and long warranty swimming pool products. They QC all the products methodically before they go into the market. Taking advantage of its state-of-the-art infrastructure, Global Interscope has become a prominent distributor for standard swimming pool equipment.

Having a great business rapport with Aquacal, Global Interscope provides high-quality products with the best performance to meet all the swimming pool requirements of their prestigious customers.


AquaCal® offers a variety of heat pump models to meet the diverse needs of the swimming pool industry. View the available models below to see which model is right for your application..

Our top selling and most sought after heat pump. You’ll barely even know it’s running…until you feel the water. Offering both heat only and heat & cool models.
This high performance heat pump heats and cools large commercial swimming pools with up to a half million BTUs in one unit.