About us

Global Interscope

We are one of the leading swimming pool designers, renovators, and contractors, for both commercial and residential.

Over the years, the company with its expertise has created spectacular Swimming pools for both indoor and outdoor areas. We also working as channel partners for Drainvac (Central Vacuum Systems ) Retractable enclosures of Megavent Water Softeners and Purifiers from 3M and Invisible Grills from Lehomes Singapore

We are working in this industry for long years

and our designing concepts have been joining hands with brands like Swimex pools, RP Industries-Pools, Bio-Design Pools, FRP Pools, and Conventional Pools We also supply Equipment related to swimming pools like Heat pumps, Espa Pumps & Pneumatics, Tiles, and Filters, LED Lights. We also deal with Drainvac India for Central Vacuum Systems, Megavent for Retractable enclosures, 3M (USA) for Water Purifiers and Softeners and LeHomes (Singapore) for Invisible grills


To keep updated with the latest technologies in field of swimming pools design.


We are a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges